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UCS students selected to send "visual letters" to China
UCS students selected to send "visual letters" to China
Posted on 09/14/2018
Students with certificates

Six Utica Community Schools elementary art students have had their work selected for an exchange program that will inspire and inform their peers half-a-world away.

The Morgan students are among 100 students to have work sent to China as part of a cultural exchange program sponsored by the Michigan 4-H Art Exchange through Michigan State University Extension.

The students and their work are:

-Eli Layson, Piggy in a Puddle
-Sophia VanDenBrouck, Winter Trees
-Evan Trim, Ice Skating in the Wintertime
-Noor Hatown , Birch Trees
-Ava Papastamatis, Ship of the Great Lakes
-Elizabeth Moret, Pacific Northwest Coast Hummingbird

Their teacher is Morgan art teacher Karen Borbolla.

The China Art program is a free global education opportunity provided by MSUE. It is an annual statewide program that connects students with children their own age in China. The program has two components.

The first is a readymade in classroom teaching kit to facilitate learning about China and about creating art. Each teaching kit is unique and consists of ten original pictures by Chinese children, a study guide and a description of the pictures that come with the kit.

The second part is a program where participants are invited to send “visual letters” to children their own ages in China. A visual letter is like a written letter in that both tell stories, share important ideas and feelings, and connect children regardless of where they live.

The selection process begins in the classroom with the teacher selecting pieces from the classroom participants and submitting to the County Coordinator.

The County Coordinator then selects pieces to send to campus. Campus staff then select pieces to send to China as a gift to the children of China. Participants also receive Certificates of participation at each level.

The Michigan children’s artwork sent to China will be exhibited in schools in Shandong Province. The artwork will also be featured on the Michigan 4-H China Art website