Parking Lot Safety at Morgan
Parking Lot Safety at Morgan
Posted on 09/09/2018
Cartoon regarding Parking LotMorgan is a very busy place during student arrival in the morning and student dismissal in the afternoon. Many of our students have busing service available to them, which accounts for the 8 general education and 5 special needs buses that arrive each day.

If your child is not eligible for bus transportation, or you elect to drive your child to school instead of using the bus, please keep these guidelines in mind:

  • There is a drop off/pick up lane that is reserved for buses. It has yellow, diagonal lines in the lane and is close to the curb.
  • UCS buses ALWAYS have the right-of-way in the drop off/pick up lane. Parents MUST move out of the way of the bus for student safety.
  • Once buses have moved out of the lane, parents may drop off their child. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR in the drop off lane. You will be asked to move your vehicle.
  • If you feel more comfortable walking your child to the front door, please PARK your vehicle in a designated parking spot in the lot and walk with your child for safety.
  • Please NO NOT allow students to walk across the parking lot unattended to reach the sidewalk. Keep their safety in mind.
  • During pick up time, please park your vehicle in a designated parking spot and walk to the sidewalk to meet your child and escort them back to your vehicle.
  • Please be considerate of our handicap parking spaces. You do need a handicap license plate or placard hanging from your rear-view mirror showing your legal permission to use those spaces. Anyone parked illegally in a handicap parking space will be asked to move their vehicle.
  • Please be considerate of the cross walk that is located on the West side of the parking lot, near the gym doors. It should be clear of vehicles at all times so students may cross safely.

As our parking lot is small and our buses large in number, Morgan is very fortunate to have some wonderful neighbors to our south with another, larger parking lot. St. Kieran's church is often used by parents to drop off students by the sidewalk that connects from the St. Kieran parking lot to the Morgan sidewalk. Some parents also choose to park in a designated parking spot in the church parking lot and escort their child to the Morgan sidewalk.

During pick up times, parents have also elected to use the church parking lot to park their vehicle and meet their child on the sidewalk or other arranged location, then escort their child back to their vehicle.

Please note that the church parking lot is not connected to Morgan in any way and is not supervised by Morgan staff. The Morgan parking lot is supervised by Morgan staff during arrival and dismissal time.