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From The Principal

Positive Behavioral Supports and Interventions (PBIS) 

This past Wednesday, the Morgan Learning Community participated in a PBIS learning/training for entering, participating, and leaving assemblies. Students were called down to an assembly in our traditional fashion, which took nearly 15 minutes for all classes to arrive and be ready for an assembly to begin.


During this first visit to the gymnasium, our Morgan PBIS Team (consisting of several teachers representing many different grades) shared a PowerPoint that was created with students, to teach everyone a new way to enjoy assemblies. Changes include: 6th grade and KDG walking to an assembly together with their 'buddies'; 5th grade and 1st grade attending together with their 'buddies'; grades 2-4 walking to the gymnasium independently. Students walk to the gym, no lines, and sit wherever they would like to sit on the floor. Staff members stations themselves in hallways throughout the building as students walk to and from the assembly to monitor behavior and acknowledge positive behavior.


Students were then dismissed in the traditional manner to return to classrooms and review the new rules/procedures. Dismissal time took an additional 15 minutes.


When students were called to the assembly with our "new" expectations, our gymnasium filled in just over 5 minutes. Students enjoyed a video highlighting the Color Run from October while sitting with buddies, friends, siblings and anywhere they would like to sit on the gymnasium floor. We asked our 603 students which version of attending assemblies they preferred and our "new" rules were approved with an unanimous vote! They really liked the quiet of entering and exiting, being able to sit where they choose, being able to sit with friends or siblings from other grades, being able to see the presentation and hear what was being shared.


During our second dismissal, sections of the gymnasium were dismissed and students were empowered to leave as they saw appropriate. All students were back to their classes in just under 10 minutes.


Our staff is looking forward to sharing more new PBIS ideas and expectations with our students after the holidays.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Lasky








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